1. U

    Carroll County Dispatch Firefighter Night before Christmas

    Just a heads up for anyone interested in listening. Tonight at 8pm Carroll Comm. is going to do the Firefighter "Night Before Christmas" over the air. This should be over UHF 460.325 as they cannot dispatch FD's over MARCS yet. I beleive this will be the first this has been done in Carroll...
  2. CQ

    Merry Christmas Wishes Didn't see a Tavern category so making an announcement on news.
  3. KF7RAY

    Southern NSRS confirmations?

    Can anyone confirm the following updates so the NSRS DB can be updated? I don't feel like driving down south just for this! ;) I found the updated information, but it needs to be confirmed before the entries can be changed. 9012 (2334) Christmas Tree Pass (Laughlin,NV): 01 851.2875 02 851.8750...