1. MNCruzn

    Seeking Sentinel on Chromebook advice

    I'm using CrossOver on my ChromeBook to run Sentinel. I've got the software installed and running. I've got my BCD436HP connected to the Chromebook, the Chromebook can see the scanner and the SD card, but Sentinel (running in CrossOver) doesn't see the SD Card. Does anyone know of a setting...
  2. K

    Chromebook programming

    Would anyone know how to program a BCD396XT on a chromebook?
  3. ToledoScanner

    Listen to Live Audio feeds with a Google Chromebook?

    Can you listen to Live Audio feeds with a Google Chromebook? I did a couple searches across the site and forums and see no mention of using Chromebooks to confirm. I would suspect a Live Audio feed should just play via one or more of the various feed formats without issue. Just want to know...