1. SlipNutz15

    BCD996P2 audio blips

    Can anyone tell me why my scanner is "blipping" or "spiking" at the start and end of each transmission. These transmissions are digital and the settings for each are set as digital. Link to audio:
  2. D

    Cutting off in VOX on GMR 4040-2CKHS

    Cutting off in VOX on GMR 4040-2CKHS Can not complete sentence between two GMR 4040-2CKHS hand sets equipped with factory supplied headsets with attached microphones attached. Voice activated (VOX) transitions cut off after the first two or three words have been spoken. Understand that...
  3. W

    UBC3300XLT audio cutting out?

    I have a UBC3300XLT that I bought secondhand, that was absolutely flawless cosmetically. It came with the digital card, but I removed it since I do not currently monitor any digital systems and heard that they eat up battery life. I mostly monitor non-trunked fire service frequencies in the...