1. Y

    XTL/XTS5000 Weird issue with FPP on XTS5000

    Hello everyone, thanks for the invite ! As far as I know i have read/watched all the content (forum posts/threads, youtube videos, motorola videos) and the only instance where I could find someone with the same issue as I have is this guy here...
  2. C

    Ht1250 cloning issue

    I have a ht1250 when I press buttons 1 and 2 to go into cloning nothing happens. I have 2 of these. One works the other doesn't do anything. Thoughts? Thanks.
  3. K

    HT1250 programming-different models

    Good day, One of my HT1250 radios has issues, so I found a good deal on another one. My existing ones do not have the DTMF keypad, but the new one does. When I try to load my programming, CPS tells me that the model numbers don't match and it won't allow the upload to the radio. I am on...
  4. I

    Motorola HT1000 [UHF] Cloning Question:

    I have a question regarding cloning an HT1000 into another HT1000: Reading from the Motorola portable service manual for thr HT/Jedi/etc series radios it states that you can't clone a "BN/CN/etc model" into a "DN" model radio, but it states nothing about cloning a "DN" into a "BN/CN" model...
  5. TheLokes

    ICOM IC-F43GS - Can't enable cloning mode

    I have 6 brand new ICOM IC-F43GS's out of the box and I just can't seem to get them into a state where I can program them with the CS-F33G software. I've tried holding the Up key and P0 while powering on but with no luck. I've never had a problem with all of the motorola, yaesu, kenwood or icom...
  6. D

    F5021 Cloning Software Help (NEWBEE)

    Programmable function keys P0, P1, P2 and P3 Can be assigned to MR-CH 1/2/3/4 I have not figured out how set which zone and channel correspond to MR-CH 1-4. Are these always Zone 1 Channels 1-4? Is there a way, for example to assign Zone 2 Ch 3 to P1? I would like to be able to select a...
  7. R

    TK2312 Cloning

    This is my first post on this site and I want to start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me in the past. Ive been reading threads for a couple years now and have gotten all kinds of help with all kinds of problems but never had a need to register until now because I have always...
  8. M

    Ht1000/MT2000 cloning

    Would it be possible to clone a mt2000 to an ht1000? i have a cloning cable and was wondering
  9. H

    996T --> 996XT Cloning question

    Hello, I have been requested to program a few 996XT scanners at work. They are mounted in vehicles and I don't want to have to pull them out individually to program them. I have access to a 996T that isn't mounted anywhere that I can program. Is it possible to cable clone a 996T and a 996XT...
  10. D

    F3001 Direct Clone (via OPC-474 Cable) Anyone Done It?

    I can clone my F3-2 radios directly (radio-to-radio) via the OPC-474 cable and I'm supposed to be able to do the same thing with my F3001 radios (based on the cloning software help file.) But I can't make it work. Has anyone tried it?
  11. Attatood

    Kenwood TK-860G Cloning

    I have been hunting all over the internet for a cloning cable (radio to radio) for a Kenwood TK-860G and can not find one anywhere. Is this just a standard CAT 5 network cable or is it specially wired and available somewhere? I am in Canada. I used to have one and of course now that I need it...
  12. P

    Long shot - Icom IC-H2 Reprogramming.

    Hello, I have a number of elderly Icom IC-H2 units that I need to re-programme. I'm not asking to be provided with the software itself just to know if it is possible to achieve and what the name of the software is as exhaustive searching has turned up very little due to the age of these...
  13. Hoseman292

    Kenwood TK-3101

    Hi, I'm interested in cloning two Kenwood TK-3101 portable radio. I do have a cloning cable but need the procedure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tim