1. R

    AZ Phoenix Scanner Meet Up

    Hello fellow enthusiasts. Is there any scanner meet ups around phoenix for people in our hobby? It seems like we have a lot of activity on here from Arizona, I know theres HAM meet-ups, but I was wondering if there was scanner meetups. We could discuss stuff going on with the current events we...
  2. K7MFC

    Arizona GMRS Repeater Club Informal Lunch Get Togethe:r Feb 3

    Come see what the Arizona GMRS Repeater Club is all about at our next informal lunch get-together! No club business to be discussed, just a good time to sit, eat, and talk about GMRS. The meeting will be held at Barro's Pizza in Glendale, AZ (67th Ave & Loop-101) on Saturday, Feb 3 at 11:00 AM...
  3. D

    What's up with ARES Calgary?

    Hola, I see that there is a new group in Calgary called Calgary Regional ARES and I've heard that there is an older group also called ARES Calgary but they're no longer going or something? What happened to all the gear and equipment - where is it and who has it now, etc, just the back story...
  4. KK4LQX

    USAF Academy Cadet Amateur Radio Club (K0MIC)

    All, I just wanted everyone to know that the United States Air Force Academy Cadet Amateur Radio Club (K0MIC) is inactive. I sent them a blank QSL card to see if I could get one back just to have it. I received this in my SASE. "Sir, Unfortunately the Amateur Radio Club is inactive at this...
  5. devildogusmc4

    Starting New CB Club: Listen 39

    Hello, and Thank You for visiting my post. I am starting the club on channel 39 within the Butler, Beaver, and Allegheney Counties. Please join us every night at 7:00 PM. For more info please visit or come on channel 39 and holler for Hit Man 45.
  6. WX9RLT

    Rockford Scanner

    (Mods, Please Sticky) Rockford Scanner is a website that scanner hobbyist can get together and listen to live scanner audio (from RR) and get freq. and codes. It is a scanner club, for everyone in and around the Rockford area. Check it out at Rockford Scanner Already 17 members, and more...
  7. WX9RLT

    Rockford Area Scanner Club

    Hi, We are starting a Rockford Area Scanner Club. We would like for you to join us. Our website - Our Goals - Meet other scanner hobbyist, share frequencies and ideas, etc... Be sure to join us! Scanner enthusiasts, Ham radio operators, and anyone who is interested...