coaxial cable assemblies

  1. L

    Coaxial cable used for CMU Future Science Lab

    Coaxial cable used for CMU Future Science Lab What is Coaxial cable? Coaxial cable is the kind of copper cable used by cable TV companies between the community antenna and user homes and businesses. Coaxial cable is sometimes used by telephone companies from their central office to the...
  2. mpddigital

    Coax Connector Confusion Solution

    After years of answering questions on differences in connector types and their uses we've compiled a single page with close-up photos and info on relevant connector types. This includes mini and Reverse Polarity compared to straight connectors and all the other fun filled problem causers...
  3. P

    Found Best Coaxial Cable Assemblies

    Hello Friends, I am small business man, before a month ago i had received a project for my company related to Two Way Radio Communication. The connection material required for the project was coaxial cable assemblies. I had searched, analyzed and come across some very good...
  4. J

    can i purchase it?

    Hello Friends, I am a business man, recently i received a manufacturing project of public work for my company. For this project i need coaxial cable assemblies. I have analyzed some of the sites and companies for coaxial cable assemblies but still i have not found the...