cobra 29 lx

  1. RookieRooster

    High SWR troubleshooting

    Hello, I have a Cobra 29LX with a four foot FireStik on my 2017 F-350 (Its aluminum) I grounded my antenna to my trucks bed. My SWR readings on all the channels are above three. I have tried multiple antennas, all FireStiks. In the pictures, does the cable look like a good quality coax? The...
  2. RookieRooster

    Cobra 29lx RF stuck on channels 1-11.

    Hello, I just got my CB, it's a Cobra 29lx with a 3 foot Firestick 5/8. It has 16 feet of cable. I installed the radio on my aluminum F-350 so I can't get a magnetic mounted antenna. I happened to notice every time I transmit on channels 1-11, the RF Gain meter stays stuck to the right and the...
  3. ZigZag747

    Cobra 29 LX Talk Back Issue

    I just purchased the radio and installed it in replace of my Cobra 18WXSTII...Really like the radio and everything is working well just not sure about the low talk back volume. I noticed the issue when I first began going through all the functions of the radio, I turned the Var Knob for T Back...