1. RC4

    What Antenna is this please ?

    I have someone wanting to give this antenna to me for free just wondering what it was. I’d guess a 5/8 wave but the top thingy is confusing the hell out of me lol
  2. M

    DCS compatibility between Cobra microtalk and Btech GMRS-V1

    I have purchased a Btech GMRS-V1 and am trying to get it to work with my cobra micro talk cxr900. I have set the frequency to 16 DCS 6 on the micro talk. The GMRS-V1 is setup with DCS 0043N for both TX and RX. When I key the micro talk up, it breaks the squelch on the GMRS-V1, but when I key...
  3. M

    Cobra 29ltd classic blown protection diode

    Hey everyone, new to cb radios, just found this radio at the local Arc thrift store for cheap. Looks un-used or at least very lightly used, got it home and hooked it up to my car battery with some Jumper wire (no fuse, I know now) and it turned on and seemed to work fine, then it started smoking...
  4. Astrogoth13

    Replacing a 2000 GTL's power cable with a 3 prong cable?

    The power wire on this Cobra 2000 is bad, but the radio is near perfect. So, I got a three conductor cable this morning. I plan to connect the ground wire to the metal body of the radio. Since that part is grounded through the antenna coax and a ground wire anyhow I see no problem. It might...
  5. A

    Cobra 19 Ultra III Without an Antenna

    I have been working on getting a Cobra 19 Ultra III radio installed in my truck along with a PA system. So far, I've mounted the a 50 watt Powerhorn speaker in my truck and have it ready to connect to my CB, however, my Firestik Firefly antenna, mount, coaxial cable and SWR meter has not been...
  6. A

    Coaxial cable length for an '01 Tacoma

    Hello, I have been working on getting a Cobra 19 Ultra III CB radio installed in my 2001 Toyota Tacoma, so far all I have installed is the Cobra 19 itself and a 50 watt PA speaker (which works perfectly by the way). I just finished purchasing an Astatic SWR meter which came with a 3 ft coax...
  7. P

    Motorola Talkabout T9500 / New to GMRS

    Does anyone know what the FCC ID is for this radio? I can't find it anywhere - I checked the manual, under the battery, popped off the faceplae - Serial #, model, brand. I wanted to see if it was GMRS or FRS type accepted - I do have a brand new GMRS license I got when I bought these things...