color code

  1. S

    Interferance between two Digital channels on different Time Slots

    Hi everyone, We have upgraded lately our repeater (SLR5500) from Analog to Digital and now we are on DMM mode and using two Digital channels on this repeater by using different time slots (1 & 2), but with the same color code. Now the users are complaining that sometimes an interference is...
  2. jidanni

    Don't want to publish any state secrets

    Let's say you are the owner of scanning website in the Republic of Nurdvania, and you want to make sure you don't publish any government secrets, and someone passes you this list, 1 151.587.500 MHz 14656413 T7 C13 2 154.487.500 MHz 14564613 T2 C5 3 152.212.500 MHz 14644413 T7 C2 4 151.725.000...
  3. dnadareski

    SDS200 with DMR - question about DMR scanning

    I need some help with DMR scanner programming. I have SDS200 with DMR upgrade. I am trying to scan Dee Bus Company. According to, I found WQXG423 They have 2 frequencies, 463.55 and 468.55. Dee has 2 locations, Shirley, MA and Townsend, MA Both locations use the same frequency pair...
  4. radioguy224

    Looking for help identifying 463.58750 cc1

    Looking for help finding out what 463.58750 cc1 and 462.37500 cc1 it sounds like emstar ambulance or moblelife ambulance or Hudson Valley bus company.
  5. J

    UniTrunker color codes

    I'm a newbie having trouble finding good documentation on UniTrunker software. I've got it running, but still trying to comprehend the meaning of some of the GUI details. Can anyone point me to a resource where I can read up on the meaning of the color codes on the page that shows a P25 group...
  6. N

    BCD436HP: Locating and configuring for DMR monitoring

    Recently I noticed some digital noise coming from my scanner which scans the local public services. All the public service departments in this small area still use basic analog radio communications with a few repeaters. My BCD436HP has the DMR upgrade and I started noticing just 2 days ago...