colorado dtrs

  1. Spitfire8520

    New Eastern DTRS Sites

    If anyone plans on a road trip along I-70 out east this summer, then it would be a good chance to catch some information on two new sites and one site that has been relocated. Cedar Point FCC License: Probably WPTZ761 - 700 MHz State License In Elbert County between Agate and Limon at...
  2. Spitfire8520

    DTRS Table Mountain Site Verification Needed

    It turns out that Table Mountain (3-043) is no longer licensed for the database listed primary control channel and is likely using a new one. The old WPOY442 license was modified this past year to remove Table Mountain (and several other locations) from the license entirely and this included...
  3. Spitfire8520

    South Morgan Site

    There has been a new site online in Zone 3 in southern Morgan County since early September and I have not been in a good location to log it directly. I was able to recently log Point of Rocks directly and and it's showing the new site as 351 (Hex: 333) on the control channel 774.74375 MHz, which...
  4. 1

    dtrs in colorado

    hello all i have a pro 94 and wand to know if it can be programmed to the dtrs for colorado if so how do i input them i see the talk group ids for the agencies i want but at the top of the list when it list the frequencies it dont list the agencies im trying to get englewood littleton sheridan...