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    Colorado Springs DTRS

    Hi. I need a bit of help understanding which tower site in el paso county covers into colorado springs. I need to program my dad's pro96 with police and fire. I see several option for el Paso county but I don't see one specifically for colorado springs. He lives in the center of town on the...
  2. Y

    Monitor 1 site?

    Do all of the sites in the Colorado Springs area broadcast the same traffic? Do I really need to monitor all of the sites around town, or should I monitor the closest one(while at home)? Are there agencies that only broadcast off certain sites? I assume Woodland Park doesn't broadcast on the...
  3. Y

    Pro 106 missing calls

    My uncle has the Pro 106, I just purchased the Uniden HomePatrol. We were comparing them and we both set our scanner to Fire dispatch channel in Colorado Springs. Half of the calls would not be heard on his scanner, while mine had traffic. He has had the Pro 106 for about 6 years, it has never...
  4. dw2872

    Ten governors in Colo Springs until Wednesday

    Ten governors in Colo Springs until Wednesday I began hearing the CSP 9B (Executive Security Unit) talk group this morning and looked at the affiliation that caused the TG to be active down here in El Paso County. It is CSP Sgt S6 who comes down here for events like when Biden came last month...
  5. dw2872

    Colorado Springs - Austin Bluffs site radio maintenance

    Just announced on the El Paso County Sheriffs Dispatch talk group... Radio maintenance will be working on the Austin Bluffs radio site (Zone 4, Site 16) from 9am to 2pm and there may be outages to the north of that site (for El Paso County Sheriffs they said that it would affect the Monument area).
  6. dw2872

    Colo Springs - Rollover traffic accident w/serious injuries - as paged

    Shortly after 8am, a serious rollover traffic accident occurred on I-25 near mm132-133, the Fountain exit, south of Colo Springs. This is a really bad area for serious rollover accidents for some reason. It's very common there. And this one happenned in nice weather. This was paged on IPN at...
  7. dw2872

    Colo Springs - Two men threaten firefighters

    From the article linked below: "When firefighters responded to a house for a medical call, cops say they were threatened with a shotgun on the 4000 block of Ruskin Way. That's near South Academy and Airport." Police: Two Men Threaten Firefighters
  8. dw2872

    Colo Springs - Shooting on Airport & Academy (one 62 y/o man dead)

    A 62 year old man was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Mexican restaurant near Airport and Academy in Colorado Springs. Police suspect it was a targeted killing. This was paged out on INcident Page Network (IPN) within minutes of the event. One Person Shot & Killed Near Colorado...
  9. dw2872

    Colo Springs - Shooting and stabbing on B St (one dead, 2 others hurt)

    At about 1am on APril 23rd, there was a shooting and stabbing incident on B St in Colo Springs. One was found dead in a parking lot nearby where one victim had already been shot and one stabbed several times. Those two were taken to the hospital. 1 Dead, 2 Hurt In Southside Shooting - News...
  10. dw2872

    Colo Springs - Holmes Middle School MCI - as paged

    At about 2:50pm on April 22nd, several students at Holmes Middle School in Colo Springs fainted or felt ill and had breathing difficulty and headaches. A total of 10 students have went to the hospital so far (6 by AMR, 2 by parents, 2 wondered into fire stations and were taken to the hospital)...
  11. dw2872

    House fire in Colo Sprgs Skyway neighborhood

    House fire at 2203 Constellation Drive on April 21st at about 7:45am. Bystanders pulled out a man and his wife before fire crews arrived. AMR took the husband to Memorial and the initial PIO transported the husband to be with his wife. The KKTV story below has a "photos" tab with firefighter...