1. dhubbard241

    Immigration & Customs Enf, Columbus, OH

    Where can I find the Dept of Homeland Security, Immigration & Customs Enforcement for Columbus,OH on here? I don't want to monitor all homeland security, just I.C.E.
  2. yfdgricker

    Problem monitoring Columbus Fire on MARCS-IP...

    Hi all, Is anyone in the Columbus area picking up any other talkgroups for Columbus Fire on MARCS-IP besides the automated dispatch channel? I'm using a BCD436HP and I'm in the city limits. I'm picking up the Automated Dispatch talkgroup fine (TG57002) but absolutely no other traffic on any of...
  3. N

    PRO-164 From Ebay Wont Trunk!?!?

    I just received a PRO-164 from ebay, claimed to be tested and guaranteed working. I have a PRO-95 that is working just fine (besides missing transmissions due to re-banding... why I got the 164). I have taken my bands from Win95 and transferred them into Win97 to upload to the PRO-164. I have...
  4. A

    Grove city,ohio

    I was looking around for a grove city fire/ police feed but can't seem to find one that is online. I was hoping someone would put a active one up.
  5. gtaman

    Columbus Ohio unknown LTR System

    Awhile back I was scanning and I found the frequency for my local school. Then I notice they were on an LTR system. But the problem is the system is not pirated anywhere. The frequencey I have is 152.0375 but also it can be heard on 152.0300 at the same time. I was wondering if anybody can help...
  6. T

    Columbus Zoo Signals and Codes

    I was listening to the Columbus Zoo security channel on my scanner and heard "a report of a signal 12". Does anybody know what a signal 12 is? It sounded like a missing child, but I am not sure (that would be strange because it was an hour after closing time). Also, are there any other known...
  7. K

    Columbus switching to different system?

    Today the Uniden was silent, except for the Muscogee County Jail. I tried everything I could think of to no avail. Finally, at 3:00pm a dispatcher came on and instructed all Fire and EMS to return to the "old" system. The Fire and EMS traffic then immediatley resumed. Columbus Police...
  8. N

    Columbus Police Live Audio

    I know there is a Zone 1-5 audio, a Zone 2 only, and a Zone 5 only. I'm trying to listen to Zone 1. Is it possible to get a feed without all 5 zones but that includes Zone 1?
  9. S

    Cb radio in Central Ohio

    Anybody use your CB in Southeast Union County, Ohio? I've got a rig set up in my house, looking to spark up conversation. Mark on channel 19, call for "Willie"
  10. del1964

    Monitored ICall today Bartholomew Cnty

    I monitored an ICall this morning from the Columbus, Bartholomew County SAFE-T site. It was a dispatcher telling of the upcoming freezing rain possibility around noon today. Monitored at approx 9:40AM....1/20/2010 Is a common use of ICall? I have it programmed in under the 700000 ID in my...
  11. S

    Columbus trunking Question

    Hello frist post here, I have a radioshack pro-162.. have programed in all the trunk freq for columbus police and fire I think. Am getting most of the traffic fine but am not getting the zone 2 I think it is which is were I live off brice road and I70. started to reread the manual again (...