1. Comet CA-2x4SRNMO Antenna + Optional Antenna Spring + Rugged Radios UNI-MAG Mount

    Comet CA-2x4SRNMO Antenna + Optional Antenna Spring + Rugged Radios UNI-MAG Mount

    You are buying a USED Comet CA-2X4SRNMO 2m 70cm antenna ($69), with optional antenna spring ($27), NMO style, with NEW Rugged Radios UNI-MAG magnetic roof mount ($50). Mag mount includes 13 feet of RG58/C cable with PL259 end. Antenna was on roof for about 6 months. In PERFECT condition. $110...
  2. P

    Diamond Antenna SRH77CA or Comet Original BNC-W100RX

    I currently own a Uniden BC346XTC and have the Comet Original BNC-W100RX. I was wondering which here is the better antenna. With the current comet iam scanning mostly 140-170 and some 400's frequencies. I was wondering what my best bet is between these two and if there is a better option than...
  3. B

    Comet CTS-50M Flat Cable Window Gap Jumper

    So my work was kinda slow today with all this rain so I was able to take the opportunity to spend some time shopping for some new toys. I'm looking at a Diamond discone antenna to add to my old Uniden and ultimately with my new bcd436hp when it comes in. Does anyone have experience using one of...
  4. K

    I still have not gotten my Comet Tribander up!

    It's CX-333, and I've got a 40FT steel tower in my back yard. There's a broken Antron-99 on the tower that needs to come down, and the CX-333 and 50 ft of coax that needs to go up. Anyone in the Detroit area, that climbs? I'd like to get the thing up before it snows. 73 de Chuck K8CPA
  5. B

    My Antenna Installed

    Thanks for everybody's help. Comet UHF VHF GP-3 antenna 5' EMT pipe primed & painted white 18" Clearance heavy duty wall mount 100' of CNT-400 ~20' gauge 6 ground wire to a 8' 5/8" ground rod FT-7800 & FT-60r ~300' above sea level