1. N

    APX 6000 - Test Mode Serial Comm

    I'm trying to read the results of the "Channel Test" inside the "Test Mode" in a PC, from what I understand the device is connected to the USB converter to Serial Communication but I don't know the Serial Comm settings like the baud, parity, etc.. Is there any way to get the input from the...
  2. radioguy224

    school transportation radio frequencies

    the following list below i am looking for the school transportation frequencies so i can update the database looking for the frequencies and pl and DPL and NAC and DMR tones NEWTOWN BRIDGEWATER MONROE WASHINGTION WOODBURY kent
  3. U

    Regular TV antenna has my SDR software, It works?

    Hello, I am interest in listening to communications but I would like to have a new more powerful antenna. I think a buy this antenna but you think that this will work if I plug this antenna has my USB? (Digiwave Digital TV Antenna (ANT2084) : Antennae - Future Shop) & I could change the...