1. gkalbfle

    Uniden BC-GPSK Serial GPS Receiver VS Garmin 18x PC GPS Navigator Unit

    I have seen several posts around the net asking about these two units. I have now tried the both, and have the answer for you. The Uniden GPS utilizes the SiRF Star III e/LP chipset, which has a sensitivity of -159 dB. I have been unable to ascertain the chipset utilized in the Garmin 18x...
  2. K

    Tuners other than 820T/E4000

    Just happened across a FC0013-equipped EZCAP stick that someone gave me because "it wasn't as good as their new E4000-based one". I fired it up and compared it against another E4000-based RTL stick head-to-head in dual SDR# windows with identical whip antennas. My particular FC0013 sample...
  3. F

    Multi Color LED, Audible Alarms

    Among the awsome features of newer GRE radios , I love these two features. If you program the unlimited combinations of these two features, it is no longer necessary to watch the display ! Across the room you can tell which agency you are lisenting to. In combination with the audible alarms...
  4. carddude99

    pro 107 vs uniden home patrol

    OK, I know that the pro 107 covers more frequencies and the home patrol has apco 25. I live in Seattle with an airforce base in the vicinity but not close. I know the home patrol covers nfm. BUT, what would you hear? I am sure they do not (The military) let you hear most stuff. So the...