connecticut state police

  1. R

    Uniden HP2 and connecting to CLMRN

    I’m looking for help on how, if possible, to be able To connect my father’s homepatrol 2 to any of the local state police frequencies. (We are in Litchfield co) My father used scanners for years, but as we all know much has changed over the past years since he’s used a scanner. As for me, I know...
  2. JohnO44

    CLMRN (was CSERN)

    All cars being called in today to install new radios. Any insight on this? Hope its not for the “e” option.
  3. S

    396xt cannot hear CT state police

    Just got a used 396xt and i am trying to listen to CSP. I deleted all the preloaded stuff after i factory resetted it and then made a new system on the scanner under Motorola as thats what system CSP uses, i then added all the frequencies and talkgroups but i never hear anything. I can confirm...
  4. S

    state police programming question

    From my house I can pick up 2 very strong control channels for the CSP for 2 different troops. The question is do i need to have them both programmed to hear all the talk groups for those 2 Troops or will one control channel lock to all TG in the statewide system.
  5. H

    found a new ID on CSP.

    Doesnt seem like anything major but i found a new ID on the CSP P25 system. 1104 is the ID. I hear activity on it every once and awhile but not much. If anyone might know what that goes to im sure myself and others would love to know and it would be much appreciated.