1. PrivatelyJeff

    Recommendation on crimper and connectors

    Can anyone recommend a good basic crimper and connectors for home use (preferably from antenna farm as I’m going to put a large order in there soon). I need to do a couple PL259, N and BNC using RG58 cable (all the runs are for scanners with good reception and short runs of about 10-15 feet...
  2. gcopter1

    Need help with splitter setup

    I am building my listening post and need help with the setup. I plan to use a splitter to feed 3 scanners. I've seen somewhere a link for a seller, where the cable used to connect from the splitter to the scanners, is one of relative short length. Does someone here knows where I can get these...
  3. BakeryBoy

    Realistic Pro-2021 Antenna connector

    Just bought a used Pro-2021 and I am having trouble finding a connector to fit into the base antenna slot on the rear. I have an antenna lead with a BNC connector, I'm just not sure what connector goes in the scanner. I tried a BNC to RCA, but that one is too short. Anyone know?