control channel only

  1. radiochuck

    SDS200/100 Control Channel Only

    By default, Sentinel programs all of the frequencies for a site, control and voice. Is there any benefit to removing the voice channels so the radio doesn't have to scan through them for potential control data? Obviously the control channels are all that's needed, but do the voice channels...
  2. G

    Control Channel Only / BCD536HP

    Is there a method to have the BCD536HP search and stop on the Control Channel on a trunking system? This would be used to find new trunking systems not in the RR database. Or in this case an area system changed frequencies. This question has been asked before but I am checking for current info.
  3. johnnyelectron

    396XT replaced by 396T issues

    Yeah, I know, I moved backwards. The 396XT worked without issues until it disappeared. Bought a 396T, thinking it would be a breeze to program with the control channels=WRONG. No dice. No audio. I can only assume it's because the 396T was 'born' before the XT? Can the 396T do 700MHz and do I...
  4. M

    much better scanning with control channel only

    I have some motorola type 2 trunking systems programmed on my 2 pro-197's. One system is a fringe system and I was trying to get better reception since it seemed like I was missing parts of transmissions and it was taking awhile to lock on to the control channel even though the signal strength...
  5. P

    Control Only Frequency(ies) / Channel(s)

    I wanted to update the WIKI(?) that mentions Control Channel / Frequency but can't figure out how to do it. I wanted to add the Radio Shack PRO-106. I can't figure out how to do this. Here is the link to the page: Here are the...