1. rockinromac1

    Motorola CP185 Programming/Firmware Downgrade

    Hello all, I'm trying to program a CP185 I recently got. I am having an issue though. The radio is on firmware version 03.04 and the software I have is Entry Level CPS version R02.02 Build 58. The software says "codeplug version not supported". Anyone know a way to make the radio compatible with...
  2. gordonfan954

    CP185 Help

    I was trying to program a CP185 using Entry Level CPS on Windows 7 and I kept getting an error that would say, "Unable to communicate with device. Please reset device and try again." I tried different com port settings, downloaded the Prolific drivers, changed the baud rates, uninstalling an...
  3. D

    Motorola CP185 Radios Companding and Expanding with MagOne BPR40

    Hello, we recently had to reprogram all our CP185 radios, when doing this I enabled the companding an expanding feature. Everything works fine, but we need 2 more radios. Our solution is to reprogram 2 of our mag one radios we don't use any more. Will there be an issue between the CP185 radios...
  4. K

    In need of programing

    I am from Schenectady NY area and am buying a cp185 radio. I need to get it programed. Does anyone know a good place I can go or a online store that I can trust to send it to to have it programed? Also if it would be cheaper or close to the same price to get the stuff to program it by myself I...
  5. E

    Motorola CP185 Programming

    I'm trying to program my CP185 and I keep getting error messages that the radio isn't plugged in, not connect or not power on (error #768, #512...). I"m using Commercial CPS R05.00. The radio firmware version is R01.00...I"m not sure what to do. Could it be the cable?