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  1. S


    I need a clean codeplug for my newly bought APX 7000 because I can't make any changes to the current one. If we have any kind soul that could help me please I'm stressed out search all over the internet lol. Thanks.
  2. S

    Purchased APX CPS but not able to download

    Hopefully someone can help me out. I purchased the APX CPS (HKVN4289A) straight from Motorola under my MOL account. I received the email from the big M advising the software was ready for me to download in the MyView Portal. When I go to the MyView Portal, I am able to see my entitlement...
  3. Jonathon_Hopkins

    Motorola APX Voice Announcement

    Does anyone can you just write the channel announcement into the codeplug? Or do you need to have the radio present while programming.
  4. J

    Motorola type 2 Analog question

    Hello when Programming a smartnet 800mhz radios system into a apx7000 Do I have to check the Legacy transit box!?? Yes I am authorized to talk on the system.And it’s a analog. Thank you
  5. E


    new the forum and I just bought Motorola cps software and cable for xts portable I was wondering what would be a good laptop to start with running the software and programming don't want to spend much thanks
  6. T

    APX6000 Codeplug

    Does anyone have a 7/800 MHz cqodeplug for the APX6000. I have bought the CPS and the Cable. The cable is gonna take a few days to ship and I would like to just play around in the CPS before I get the cable. If you can help I would appreciate.
  7. A

    APX7500 Programming Help

    Hello. I am having trouble connecting my APX7500 radio to the CPS software. I have the O3 handheld controller, therefore I am connecting the programming cable to the radio itself. On the radio is a typical round twist type connection similar to the xtl1500 mobiles. Also there is a serial...
  8. T

    Motorola CPS Overview Day 1 WMV

    Anyone know where on MOL to find that video? I downloaded from another source but it tells me I don't have the codec and I am running Win7 with every codec needed for the rest of the world. I want to download it from MOL but I can't find the files. I saw it posted in the past that it was...