cps tutorial

  1. reedrc890

    XTS5000 Rx Frequency Issue

    Hello! I am new to using Motorola CPS, and a newbie to the XTS radios. I have been teaching myself the CPS application, and so far it has been a great little experience. I just got in an XTS5000 Model II to try and use for simple GMRS/analog capabilities, and I know I am using an expensive radio...
  2. T

    Motorola XTS3000 VHF help/advice

    Greetings all, I just bought a Motorola XTS3000 VHF model III with full key off of eBay. It came with a cable (not sure if it is ribbed or Ribless, but anyways I was told that the MTS2000 software would work with the XTS3000. It then told me when I read the radio that it was "incompatible...
  3. D

    Programming Help (Motorola)

    *** FYI I AM NOT LOOKING FOR FREE OR ILLEGITIMATE SOFTWARE *** Hi guys! I have a quick ? I have a Motorola ASTRO SABER III UHF 450-512MHz (specs below i get from service mode) R07.71.06 DSPN08.03.05 H04SDH9PW7AN 1 MEG FLASHCODE 599008-0C1E00-3 My question is, what do I need to program...
  4. drdeputy

    CPS tutorial?

    Does anyone know of a tutorial available? I've enrolled in Motorola's online courses because apparently they offered something like this in the past, but I can no longer find it (such as course TTER04). I'd like to learn the specifics of the software as it relates to an HT1250. Thanks.