1. K9GTJ

    2010 Honda CR-V

    You may remember my old 2005 Ford Ranger thread with a Uniden Scanner and Yaesu FT-8900 here. That truck became history this week when I purchased a new 2010 Honda CR-V. I plan to install the FT-8900 and plan to use the Comet SBB15 antenna since it seems to be the best option. I want to...
  2. kc2nru

    2005 Honda CR-V (there is a radio installed, I Promise)

    Scroll Down To The Bottom To See The Radio Installation We had to make a custom bracket for the Pimp Pods that I bought. They are mounted to the Radiator using the bracket we made. We also mounted my 24” Microman Industries G3 bar under the overhead lights under the headliner. We also drilled a...