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    Crystal options for old ham gear like Regency HR-2B?

    Have most people dropped their old gear like the Regency HR-2Bs? I got this radio fairly cheap and is my only 2m radio. I was wondering if I can get it working with the local club repeater. Unluckily, don't have the right crystals. I'm wondering what I can do to deal with not having crystals...
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    Realistic Scanner Pro-53 Patrolman scanning Receiver

    I want to start out to thank for everyone that will end up taking time to read this and give any kind of helpful input on my question. I have a family friend that has a Realistic Scanner Pro-53 Patrolmen Scanning Receiver from Radio Shack. The Model # is 20-122 She was at my house the other...
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    Interchanging Crystals

    I have a Bearcat III H/U which uses 10.8 IF crystals. I have a crystal marked "460.425MHz MRU-1" which I interpret as being a 10.7 IF crystal used to receive on a frequency of 460.425MHz. Can I put this crystal into the Bearcat III and if I can what frequency should I receive in the Bearcat...