ct state police

  1. XPS720

    CT State Police

    It has been 2 days now and I hear no CT Police and my BCD536HP shows scanning but showing no frequency. My SDS200 does indicate frequency's but I hear nothing. Does anyone know if changes were made and to what type?
  2. JohnO44

    CLMRN (was CSERN)

    All cars being called in today to install new radios. Any insight on this? Hope its not for the “e” option.
  3. XPS720

    Connecticut State Police

    I am not receiving any Connecticut State police today. Did they change the type of transmission or is it my set up?
  4. G

    Listening to State PD - CSP

    New user trying to learn this Pro-197 and how to program in trunking freqs for the CT State Police. I found a post by qlajlu and read some of this - WIN500 - UtahRadio which is very helpful. Either I missed part of it or didn't get to it yet. Last nite I downloaded the New Haven County...