culver city

  1. BoboPinky

    Culver City ICIS Trunked System - System Problems?

    Can anyone else confirm problems with Culver City's trunked / digital radio system (and ICIS?) today - 4/30/14? See my posting in the ICIS board here:
  2. BoboPinky

    Sony Pictures Studios Culver City - Andrews International Security

    I'm looking (I've looked several times, maybe not hard enough or in the right place?) for frequencies etc. that Sony Pictures (SPE) / Andrews International uses at their Culver City, CA location(s). My wife works for Sony in the SPE (the brown / glass / "high rise") building. I'm there often...
  3. BoboPinky

    Culver City Radio - Updates

    9.11.13 @ approx 1100 listening to CCPD (and LG, FD, etc.) Heard the watch commander come on and tell all units to respond to the radio shop as soon as possible to have their HT's and unit radios "updated". Just now @ 1120, heard dispatch request units reboot their radios. Not sure if this...
  4. BoboPinky

    Culver City, CA PD - Just Got a Laugh - Sadly I Agree - Digital / ICIS

    June 17, 2012 at approximately 1810hrs. Two officers on the main primary frequency trying to coordinate. "10-9, you were garbled...10-9, 10-9...", the other officer comes on and says, "... our wonderful radio system!" HA! I've gotta laugh. Why? Well, yes, yes, I understand all the benefits...
  5. BoboPinky

    New Culver City (PD / FD, etc.) Programming Help Needed

    Hello RadioRef people. I just yesterday took the plunge and bought my first digital / trunking scanner, the GRE800. I've been a HAM for nearly two decades, and scanner buff for longer than that. As you may know, for the past 15+ years CCPD / FD / LG has been trunked, but using an analog...
  6. josephgut

    Culver City PD, FD, Etc. on BC396XT

    Hello, I hope that I'm putting this post in the correct location as I'm a newbie here. I have recently purchased a Uniden BC396XT and have used FreeScan and ARC XT Pro (demo) to upload frequencies for Culver City. I have uploaded (tried using both programs separately of course) and used the...