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  1. Disk4mat

    BCD996P2: Request: Custom Search - Specify Audio Type

    Would be really nice in a future firmware update if the "Audio Type" field could be added to Custom Search. Would make searching for digital frequencies so much more easier.
  2. M

    Uniden's pityful search band provision

    Uniden's pityful custom search band provision is like something out of the 1980s. 10 search bands to cover about 700 MHz of spectrum is a pretty poor effort in my opinion. Why not 100? In newer models why not an amount only limited by memory capacity? Now I am in the UK, so my perspective may...
  3. W

    396XT - How do I get out of this?

    I have had my 396XT for a couple of months and I'm still getting familiarized with it. I have about a dozen systems programmed in, but like a lot of us, I spend most of my time scanning just one or two. Tonight I managed to do something and I can't figure out how to get out of it. Somehow I...