custom trunking table

  1. johnnyelectron

    396XT replaced by 396T issues

    Yeah, I know, I moved backwards. The 396XT worked without issues until it disappeared. Bought a 396T, thinking it would be a breeze to program with the control channels=WRONG. No dice. No audio. I can only assume it's because the 396T was 'born' before the XT? Can the 396T do 700MHz and do I...
  2. O

    Collin County 'Custom Trunking Table'

    I downloaded tables for Collin County Motorola Smartnet directly from Radio Reference to a BCD396XT using Freescan software. But, apparently I need to do something more. I don't receive any transmissions at all. I read somewhere about a 'custom trunking table' that might help. How do I locate...