1. scanthewaves

    Corpus Blackhawk and Dolphin frequencies?

    I asked this question in a older thread reply but I guess it wasn’t seen. Would anyone happen to know what the frequencies are to monitor for the Blackhawk and Coast Guard copters in the Corpus area? I’ve tried CCAD but haven’t picked up anything for the Blackhawk and once heard the CG Dolphin...
  2. kg4ojj

    CBP action in Florida & Georgia

    Was listening this week to Customs working two aircraft (91J & 14J) on NET-1 (165.2375 PL 100.0 with/without encryption). Heard one plane and the ground contact ("dispatch") very clearly and had the other plane intermittently, all with a rubber duck antenna on my handheld. Their apprehension...
  3. R

    Aspectos legales y aduanales (legal and customs issues)

    Hola. Me gustaria saber si alguien tiene informacion respecto al uso legal de escaners en Mexico, asi como de su importacion desde E.U. o Europa. Ya indague en E.U. y no hay problema para exportarlo si esta en su caja original y es nuevo, pero no me garantizaron que aduana u otros lo dejaran...