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  1. A

    Dallas Police - Two Officers Shot / SWAT on Location 18Feb 12:35CT

    Dallas PD has had two Officers shot and SWAT on location east downtown area.. Key Frequencies in Dallas: All Analog FM SWAT: 460.1250 (Active) Central Division: 460.325 North East Division: 460.375 Also on Broadcastify Feed as well (Patrol Only)
  2. Motoballa

    Dallas PD using 7/800 antenna on 460MHz....

    I rode out with my Dallas PD friend this past weekend and on a couple of our calls this one Officer tagged along and I noticed he had a 7/800 stubby on his APX, which granted the radio is dual band on UHF and 7/800, so it would make since if he's on their 800 analog system...But he wasn't. He...
  3. bmxpro822

    dallas 10 Codes

    seen on tv that they will no be useing them anymore. They sied it will make it easyer win they have to work with different Countys.