1. mymman

    Danville's NXDN System Encrypted?

    Before I shell out big bucks for a new scanner, does Danville PD encrypt all or most of their transmissions? Almost all other city services are now NXDN - Fire and Rescue just switched, thus joining the Police. Even before the NXDN move, the PD could selectively scramble a few calls. That was...
  2. danceredt

    EMS Freq changes in Danville

    Can any member confirm the Danville Life Saving Crew and Regional One Ambulance Service gone to an encrypted system. If not what are the new frequencies :confused:
  3. danceredt

    Danville Large House Fire

    Fire Dept dispatched on a 6 alarm fire to a residence with disable person trapped in building. Also dispatched were 5 transports for multiple burn victims. Elect. Dept dispatched.. EMS called for air support for one victim.