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    Questions on Fequency coverage

    I recently purchased a Uniden Home Patrol scanner and was wondering if I can listen to municipalities that do not automatically come up on the radio's database. Like today, there is an emergency at a school down the road from me in Murrysville, PA and I hear nothing. I found something about...
  2. Q

    RRDB Search Techniques (searching for Air freqs in VA)

    Hi, As a new RR user, I hate asking questions that have obvious answers, but this one I haven't found the answer to. Any clarification would be appreciated. When searching for frequencies related to Pegasus Helicopter and UVA Medical Center aircraft operations in the Charlottesville region...
  3. w2xq

    What am I doing wrong in DB search?

    In the NJ database, I can easily find the DEP park, F&W and forestry frequencies within the FCC licenses. Using the Win500 2.02 software for the 106 (manufactured in June 2011), I am missing something obvious. Upon starting "Download from the Web" it is easy to drill down to a county list...