davidson county

  1. K

    LZ Central and Viper questions

    I'm thinking about buying a scanner to listen to the Viper system as I understand that Davidson County will eventually be going to Viper. Any one have any suggestions on a good scanner that will work for me? Also I've noticed that when Baptist Aircare lands they've been using "LZCentral"...
  2. L

    Davidson Co. gone digital?

    Davidson Co. has disappeared. The school buses and Lexington PD are still there, but everything else is gone. Does anyone know if they have moved to VIPER or a new P25 system?
  3. J

    Lexington PD -North Carolina- Live Audio Feed

    Hello all, I am thinking of swapping one for my live audio feeds from monitoring Davidson County EMS to monitor Lexington Police. Since very few people listen to the EMS, since most traffic is also broadcasted on the Fire frequency which is already a live feed. Let me know if you think this is a...