1. R

    TRX-1: How to program DMR DCDM (Motorola) (also @Whistler Support)

    Hi there! How do I decode this with my TRX-1: "Dual Capacity Direct Mode (DCDM) is a DMR enhancement that can be employed when using simplex (direct) communication between radios. When operating with a DMR repeater, the repeater provides a sync signal for the two DMR time slots. Normally, DMR...
  2. J

    TDMA w/ DCDM and Talk Groups on Simplex

    Hello all, I apologize for the title; I hate acronyms but what can you do. I am a volunteer fire fighter, and I am investigating different possibilities with our radios. Bare with me because I am not going to get this across properly, but I am interested in knowing if the following is possible...
  3. daugherh

    Direct Mode

    Hi all. Does anyone know if, for example, the EVX-530 or any other VS radio supports DCDM (dual capacity direct mode) that can be found in the MotoTRBO Gen 2 radios like the XPR 3500 or 7550? I saw here where it talks about direct mode. Is this similar, the same, or completely different than the...