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    Box Alarm/WFD Co. Responsibilities

    Dispatch thru automation is 5 engines, 2 truck s, a Squad/TSU, 2 BFC, a Medic Unit & Ambo. WFD=1 added engine, 1 additional truck, DFC/OPS, SAFO, FIU, etc. Okay besides all 1st-5th due engines stand by a water supply/hydrant, whats the fourth thru 6th due engines duties, etc. Can someone point...
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    Scanner to monitor dcfd

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a scanner than can listen in on DCFD. I know it has to be a trunking scanner, but beyond that not much...any suggestions?
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    DC Fire Dept Terminology

    Hi there. New to scanning in DC and the terminology and unit identifiers are somewhat different than the city I am from. Is there a good link or post somewhere that explains not only radio terminology for DC Fire Department but also explains their apparatus terminology? For instance with...