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    Did anyone hear the Akron police talking about an overdose

    I live down the street from this house that had cops, firetruck, and ambulance. A neighbor told me it was an overdose, but I wanted to know what really happened because the man died.
  2. WX9RLT

    Major Rollover Accident (Poss Fatal)

    Major Car Accident ~ Bypass 20 & Town Hall Rd | Rockford Scanner Major Rollover Accident (Poss Fatal)
  3. WX9RLT

    2 fatality accident - il/wi border

    2 fatality accident on the illinois/wisconsin state borders. Winnebago/Rock counties. 2 Fatalities are confirmed, 3rd possible Read about it here - Update: Accident 2 deaths confirmed | Rockford Scanner
  4. P

    Natural Death

    Why is it that when there is a natural death the fire department asks for the police to come i then listen to the police who call a car out to a natural death. Why are they needed and i live in Cheektowaga a small town we have no coroner but of course the county does.