decode problem

  1. mgoday

    Tactical channel question

    Lansing, IL - PD has a tac channel on 155.040 (as listed in the RR database). When they go to that channel, I hear one of the automated weather channels with the PD at a much lower level underneath. I'm using a Uniden BC355N. I would appreciate any tips on how to filter out / separate the two...
  2. Danny37

    CTCSS decode issue with yaesu vx-3r

    Ok so I programmed a Freq to listen to, but the problem is that this frequency has more than one user so I programmed the CTCSS tone to block out the noise I don't want to hear. The other user of this frequency is about 10 miles away, while the one I want to listen to is 2 miles away, a stronger...