1. N

    Wilmington in the database

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - would one of the database admins who understands the Wilmington system please fix it. The problem - Wilmington, although "technically" part of the State system now, is a separate system. So the programming in the Uniden scanners does not allow you to listen to Wilmington...
  2. B

    Pro-651: Trunked System Scanning Issues

    Hello, I recently purchased a Pro-651 and can't seem to receive transmissions when scanning Trunked Systems. I tried this in two locations with the same results. The first Trunked System is "State of Delaware Public Safety" New Castle County. I first manually programmed the control channel and...
  3. K0MSM

    Sussex County - Local PD Designations

    Hi all - I moved to Sussex County last year, and picked up a Pro-197 over the summer. Got it all programmed up, and listening to anything that's not "secure." I'm having a hard time getting all of the local PDs units in Sussex County figured out on the DSP dispatch channel. For example, I...
  4. R

    Ocean City Airshow

    We've just made arrangements to visit Ocean City to see the airshow. We will be staying at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware and heading out from there. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to go to have a reasonable view of the airshow without the chaos of being physically Oceanside in Ocean...
  5. N

    City of WIlmington

    Ok, so I have gotten help with this problem before, but the solution has sent me past that point...... As some people have also experienced on the Home Patrol, Wilmington would not scan (yes I am within the city limits) - so I think it was audiodave (thanks by the way) who suggest that I turn...
  6. S

    Barn fire - union county

    Location: Fish Rd between Delaware County Line, and Hinton Mill. Time: 02:21 Tuesday, 15 June Channel/Talkgroup: All units responded on UNI OPS-2 A barn was reported on fire. While units responded, they were advised of Aceteline and oxygen (welding materials), as well as gasoline and diesel...