denver fire

  1. BoxAlarm187

    Denver (CO) Fire to encrypt all tactical channels

    From the Denver Post on February 27, 2019: "Following the lead of Denver police, radio traffic from the Denver Fire Department will no longer be accessible to the public starting next month, though one automated dispatch channel will remain open." Read more: Denver Fire Department to encrypt...
  2. N0GTG

    Denver FD Stations and rigs

    I ran across an interesting City of Denver web page that shows station locations and rig complement for each station. Just ignore the erroneous locations for the DIA stations at the bottom; apparently they're not quite finished updating this page. :p Fire Stations There's also a kind of funky...
  3. N0GTG

    Denver Fire Vocalarm

    Am I the only one who noticed this? For the last several days, the Denver Fire Vocalarm, 154.07, is only carrying station alerting. The dispatch talkgroup is no longer cross-patched. I wonder if this will be permanent as part of some plan.