1. S

    Northshore WI/ Milwaukee police and fire dept ID's

    Can anyone list mainly the police dept ID's. as in i.e.- Brown Deer is 3**, River Hills 4** etc.
  2. VA3YRM

    Sites systems groups, etc.

    Hello, Being new to scanning, the question I have is probably simple: For both conventional and trunked: What is the definition of a system? What is the definition of a site? What is the definition of a group? What is the definition of a department? What is the definition of a channel? How...
  3. S

    Kendall County Sheriff's Department

    hey there! i was wondering if anyone knew what frequency the Kendall county sheriff's department is now on? I cant seem to find it and haven't heard them in a long time on 453.47500. Does anyone know what they switched to? Thanks!
  4. S

    Cabarrus Ops Channels

    I am a junior fire fighter at a fire department in Cabarrus county, North Carolina and am programming a personal radio to use until I am 18 and join on and get one from the fire department. Well I have all the fire and ems dispatch channels, but I don't have the "Cabarrus Operations" channels. I...
  5. D

    Radio Recorder/Logger needed for Fire Department

    Hi, I am head of the IT division of our fire district and am working on putting together a system that will record our radio traffic 24/7 for post incident review. Ideally, I would like to monitor and record three channels: our main talkgroup (dispatch and routine incidents), our secondary...
  6. mes90265

    Los Angeles County Fire MDC ID Databse

    Hey All, I've recently started a little project mapping out the mdc id's for LA County fire. I don't know if anyone has an interest -- I do know some people however are avid listeners of the county system and it might be helpful or just nice to have mdc decoding working for your alpha display...
  7. F

    Question about old Austin FD Tones

    Does anyone know what the format used for the old tone alerting system used by Austin FD before they switched to Locution? I know it was activated by a Zetron console, and it sounded like two short "blips", repeated for each station, with a long alert tone at the end. Then, after the...
  8. oregontreehugger

    ODOT Frequency Listing / Use

    I pulled all the FCC records licensed to ODOT last night and compared them against what's listed in the RRDB. They have a few on VHF lowband (east of the Cascades) and on UHF (probably links), along with several AM broadcast highway advisory radio stations. Still, their meat and potatoes is the...
  9. A

    NYC DEP Frequencies?

    I couldn't find any frequencies for NYC DEP (Department of Environmental Protection) in the NY metro area database. Does anybody know the freqencies that DEP use? Are they analog, trunked, digital? Also the NYC DEP Police Frequencies? -Thanks
  10. filmlou

    Wilmington Fire Dept. Frequencies

    Hi guys -- I'm new to the forum but have been scanning for 20 years. I'm a videojournalist who films fires and emergencies. I recently purchased the Uniden Trunk Tracker III and although I can monitor nearly every agency in the state, I'm unable to monitor Wilmington Fire Department. Does...