1. Motoballa

    Dallas FD Active Call List possibly being removed.

    My buddy works with Box 4 and informed me they are possibly removing the active call list for DFD. The last post as of right now on the Twitter was 14 hours ago, and it looks like on the active calls page Engine 53 has been out on this Gas Leak for about 5 hours now. Unsure of any reasons why...
  2. M

    Volusia County

    I have the Uniden BCD996XT and I was wondering if anybody in the DeLand area listens to Fire /Rescue calls. I was also wondering if DFD ever uses their tac channels or if they just use the county's.
  3. N0GTG

    Denver FD alerting on the trunk

    Denver Fire dispatch is now transmitting the 'Vocalarm' station alerting on the Denver Public Safety Trunk System, on TG 07-067 (decimal 951). Station alerting is normally not heard on the main dispatch channel (TG 06-021). This makes it easy to monitor DFD for calls being dispatched without...