1. KG5HHS

    DFW Information

    Hello Everyone, I have already posted in the forum with this post but figured I would just make this new thread, so I don't keep making several other ones pertaining to the DFW area. As mentioned in the other post, I will be frequenting this area (mostly Fort Worth) quite a bit, most likely...
  2. Harold

    PHI Med 8 Arlington

    Med 8 disappeared from the airwaves a little while back and although I have seen a few inquiries, I have never seen an update as to what frequency they are now using for their ops. But I happened across them today on 160.200. So glad when a plan comes together.
  3. S

    New Member seeks wisdom for a Scanner

    Recently Uniden Bearcat BC350A and looking to get HAM license soon for CERT along with storm chasing. Located most frequencies except my local Ovilla Police channel. Also would like any suggestions of how to really take on this hobby : books, magazines, best starter equipment (HF radios...