1. F

    Super-Shuttle DIA Frequencies, anyone?

    I have a question: Does anyone know what frequencies are used by the Super Shuttle from DIA? I have assumed they might've been in the 460-470 MHZ Range, on the business band sections of that slice of spectrum, but is there anyone here in Colorado that can confirm what I have just wrote? Or are...
  2. Scan-Denver

    DIA Temp Freqs

    Anyone know what this is about and/or why? YE WQGK288 DENVER, CITY AND COUNTY OF [Public Safety Operations] Control Point 1 - 8500 PENA BLVD, DENVER CO 303-342-4001 (link) 02/25/2009 License Modified Special Temporary Authority expires 07/07/2009 1 - DENVER INT AIRPORT, DENVER (DENVER) CO...