1. K3VDM

    Yaesu FTM-400XDR Install - 2019 F150

    Installed a Yaesu FTM-400XDR in my 2019 Ford F150 a few weeks ago. I used a solenoid which is tied to an ignition fuse in the truck. The fuse block powers on and off with the truck. The antenna is a Diamond NR770HBNMO mounted on the front driver fender. The dash mount and behind rear seat mount...
  2. B

    Comet CTS-50M Flat Cable Window Gap Jumper

    So my work was kinda slow today with all this rain so I was able to take the opportunity to spend some time shopping for some new toys. I'm looking at a Diamond discone antenna to add to my old Uniden and ultimately with my new bcd436hp when it comes in. Does anyone have experience using one of...
  3. K4EET

    Diamond Antenna D-130J

    I am considering the Diamond Antenna D-130J which has a receive coverage range of 25 MHz to 1300 MHz that matches the Uniden BCD536HP frequency span. Two questions: 1. Does anybody have experience with this antenna? Pros/Cons/Comments? There was a WTB post about this antenna at...
  4. D

    New radio time.

    Hi Folks, So here's the plan for the new toys ..... and I thought I'd run it past the grown-ups first! (grin) I'm a new ham and so far I've just got a couple Wouxun's UVD1P's as a starter radio's and I'm now planning the upgrade. The two wouxun's were a great price with lotsa of toys and...
  5. 5

    Diamond BU-50 short

    hi friends, I've Diamond BU-50 purchased recently, just for curiosity i used continuity checker on two arms of balun, surprisingly light on continuity checker glow, it is normal or is there any problem with my balun ? can someone guide ? 73 503733238
  6. M

    Office & Attic Antennas

    My Office & Attic Antennas Just got done running coax to the attic! I Have a Diamond D-130J (removed the top portion of the antenna which covers 25-50 MHz reception because is not required. I did that to get the antenna higher up! I am running RG8X to the Diamond. I have two small Laird...
  7. DecAnt21

    Newbie has some equipment questions!

    Hello, I have had my license for going on 2 years but haven't done much with it. Well I am now over the age of 18 and I have a good steady income coming in so I was wondering about buying a new HT. I owned a Yaesu VX-7R a few years ago. I plan on buying another one. I was wondering if this is a...
  8. Raptor05121

    Pro-404 Ant. Upgrade

    Hey guys, I just bought the RS Pro-404 as a mobile to use until my FD can get me a pager. Its a good radio, and a plus is being able to do AM as well. However, when I have another radio on, this one misses the first second of conversation, there is background static and if I move around, it cuts...
  9. conrad314

    Diamond CR320A - actual length???

    Does anyone have a Diamond CR320A that they could measure the height on? I see them for sale at 34" and 37.4". So which is it? 73
  10. P

    Radio Shack Pro-106 - FM 88-108 MHz coverage

    It might have been better to place this in the 1.7 firmware wishlist thread so my apologies beforehand but I am not certain if this could be accomplished with a firmware update or not. It may fall under the 'next model' wishlist. At any rate I would like to have the ability to receive FM radio...