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  1. R

    WS1065 Miller/Morgan County

    Hey all, new to scanning and have a Whistler WS1065. Paid for RR 180 Day Membership and bought the PSRedit500 software. I followed along with the pdf guidebut after a couple hours I have only heard it stop once or twice with any sort of communication. Just hoping someone could give me some more...
  2. S

    Muffled Digital Voice Quality

    Hi everyone, Recently we moved our MotoTRBO radios from Analog to Digital conventional channels, and now we are experiencing a bad voice quality, very muffled and hard to understand sometimes. Below are the main parameters that we implemented. Intelligence Audio Response: disabled Environment...
  3. S

    Digital Channels Echo Problem with DP series radios

    Hi Everyone! Kindly we are using a few MotoTRBO DP series and recently we have moved our system and channels from Analog to Digital, but now we are having echo problems (that we didn't have before with Analog) at some places in the field. Is echoing a known issue with Digital channels? and I...
  4. jakeschnabel

    XTL/XTS5000 XTS 5000 VHF Possible To Program/Use Analog Frequencies?

    Greetings, I just got a Motorola XTS5000 VHF P25 Radio. I was wondering if it was possible to input and use standard VHF frequencies that are not trunking frequencies? I want it to function on my county’s non trunking fire dispatch. (Yes I HAVE AUTHORIZATION). A lot of the departments use HT750s...
  5. O

    Digital Decoding with an AOR AR3000A?

    I own an AOR AR3000A scanner receiver. Is there a digital decoding software package I can use with this classic radio? Is a radio from way back in the 90's compatible with DSD or DSD+?
  6. M

    Summit PD & FD Changes

    I have submitted updates for the database this morning for Summit PD & FD. As of some point today they will be changing over to a Digital System. It is conventional and non-encrypted. They will be utilizing existing frequencies as well as adding a few channels. Testing has been completed and...
  7. A

    Can Baofeng UV-5R scan digital systems?

    Lately a lot of agencies are switching to digital systems does anyone know if the Baofeng UV-5R model can scan digital radio systems and how? If not which affordable scanner can? Thanks
  8. Z

    Scanning Tulsa Co.

    Hello, I am brand new to this site. I'm not even sure if this is the best place to post this, but i'm looking for a little help. Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated. I own an older model Bearcat trunking scanner (analog). I am looking into upgrading since my current one is on it's last...
  9. W

    Radio Reference Database

    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to all this so forgive me if this is a stupid question. When browsing the database, after I select a state and county, what do I look for to see if digital or analog is being used? A friend and I are going storm chasing in May in Oklahoma and I want to find a radio...