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    Senior Center: We have issues!

    I'm an administrator of a municipal senior center. We have a fleet of six vans for transporting elderly folks. Each van is equipped with two-way radios. We also have one base unit and a repeater. The radios are all either: Kenwood TK862HG-1; Kenwood TK862G; Vertex FTL-7011; or Standard GX3000...
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    MO Scanning n00b

    I have been lurking around this forum for a while, finally signed up earlier this year. I live in Johnson County, Kansas but I have grandparents in Livingston County, Missouri, more specifically Chillicothe. A couple years ago for Christmas I bought my grandmother a new scanner, I believe it is...
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    Many Lake County, TN Scanners Go Dead In Switch To Digital

    Sheriff says scanner silence not his fault The new digital radio network currently used by the Lake County Sheriff’s Department has pretty much silenced the scanners in this area and while some (many?) dedicated listeners are not happy, Sheriff Danny Tippit says he and his deputies are...