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    Folded dipole array question

    Hi guys, I just got a UHF-DP-ARRAY-4/h antenna (Products) and plan on using it on a UHF DMR repeater. It will be side mounted on a large tower and I want to obtain the widest radius of radiation. While the "Spacing from mast" is easy to calculate (1/2WL, 1/4WL and 3/8WL @ freq.), I am not sure...
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    Repeater antenna questions OFFSET vs OMNI

    Hello guys, Me and my fellow hams are preparing to build a repeater (2m & 70cm), solar powered, sharing the same site/tower. So far, we've acquired all but the antennas. I found a few, but decided to go with the same guys that built our duplexers. They list the antennas needed for our...