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    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: Deleting/disabling preloaded databases

    I have tried to figure out how to delete the preloaded Nationwide and State databases that came on my BCD436HP with no luck. I pulled the SD card and read that looking for those files but don't see them. Only the lists of frequencies (VHF-LO, VHF, UHF, 700, 800 etc.) Alternately, is there a...
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    How to Disable System on BC346XT?

    Another Newby Question... I have downloaded FreeScan and sset up my Scanner with 3 or 4 conventional systems and 3 Trunked systems. I'm looking for a quick way of disabling the Trunking systems like I can the Conventional systems... I can see where to set the SQK for the Conventional systems...