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    Homemade radio telescope?

    All right, I am a total noob when it comes to radios. I was hoping you guys could supplement my research. So, when they came and installed my new cable, they just took off the old dish, and left it in the yard. When I called, they said they didn't want it. I had a "great" idea. I remembered...
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    W2IMU Dual-Mode Feedhorn and Parabolic Reflector Project

    Hello everyone, this is my first post. I am reposting a few questions that I've asked on other forums, as I've gotten no response. To summarize, I was initially interested in building a dual or quad-biquad feed for a parabolic dish on 2.48 Ghz, to help with my wireless N and G reception...
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    New ST2 Scanner Antenna Installation

    All, While this is my first time posting in the antenna forum, it's not my first reading the posts. I appreciate all the inputs everyone has given. I've learned an immense amount of knowledge from all of your contributions. Unfortunately, I haven't learned enough and need a little help! :)...