dispatch console

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    Does anyone know what dispatch sound this is?

    Can't find an audio of it currently, but it's a sound I hear in the background sometimes while police dispatch or other 911 dispatch is keyed up. it sounds like "bleup bleup", people always say it's the "911 call incoming call" (which I'm pretty sure it is). Does anyone know what it's called or...
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    Dispatch Console Wireless Headset Setup Questions

    Hoping somebody can help me on here with a new setup for our consoles at the PSAP I work at. I work at a small PSAP in New Jersey that has 3 identical dispatching consoles. We currently use the Zetron 4118 Dispatch console. We are trying to figure out a way to upgrade and/or improve our...
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    APX-8000 Emergency Behavior

    I have a Motorola APX 8000 & APX 7000 radio that I'm testing on a Harris P25 system. Whenever I declare an emergency from an APX, a "User Alerts" dialogue box displays on every Harris/Maestro console requiring the dispatcher to acknowledge the emergency. How do I disable this in the code plug as...
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    MultiTouch dispatch console for MotoTRBO

    SmartPTT dispatch software for MotoTRBO introduces new feature - custom dispatch consoles with the support of mutitouch. short video giving general idea on the feature is here: SmartPTT, MotoTRBO and MultiTouch - YouTube