1. KingNick

    San Carlos January 1979

    I understand I someone might have the tapes from the Brenda Spencer shooting incident in San Carlos in 1979. An earlier thread says there is 90 minutes of it in “digital...copied from cassette tape“. I’m from San Diego but living in the U.K. now. I am VERY interested in getting a copy. Can...
  2. xerb1962

    Dispatchers Wanted

    I know this is an old video, dispatch has been totally revamped since this was made. Regardless, the City of Guthrie needs dispatchers. Would be good for semi retired. Apply online here: City of Guthrie
  3. D

    Thank you

    Hello all.I wanted to thank you for some information I added to my website: Home Page I saw a post here where some of the members were talking about the show and named the dispatcher (Sharon Claredge) who's voice you hear at the start and on the show. I added it above the player on the front...